Got out of high school and have no idea where to start studying?

It’s ok, no need to be sad. This is a phase that affects many students. Even because, when we are in regular school, teachers usually give us everything we need to study for the tests and we don’t have much to worry about studying independently.

And it was thinking about helping you start studying that we separated 7 wonderful tips for you to know where to start studying and be able to do well in whatever test you are going to take. Want to check out this content?

1. Have a clear goal

Those who know what they want are more likely to achieve their goal. And that’s why our very first tip on where to start studying is: have a clear goal.

If you’re just out of high school and still don’t know what to do, give yourself a little time, reflect, and if you’re still struggling to decide, look for an online platform that offers a vocational test.

Virtual platforms have invested in offering complete vocational guidance, with questions that show you which paths would be most productive for you and even psychologists to answer your main questions.

After reflecting and, who knows, taking an online vocational test, define the course and university you want to attend. It is essential to have a clear and detailed objective in mind, so that you know where to start studying.

2. Know the announcement of the test you are going to take

Well, after defining your objective, the next step of where to start studying is to know the edict of the test you will take.

This step is very important, as this is where you will organize your studies based on the exam you will be taking.

You will see that there are some differences from one test to another.  for example, does not usually charge specific works for the discipline of literature, which is different for universities that still have their own entrance exams.

In addition, writing tests are also often different. Therefore, look for the notices of the exams you will take to be able to study for the test in a productive way.

3. Make a study schedule

Another tip on where to start studying in a very productive way is: make a complete study schedule.

This study plan will depend on what your goal is. If you are thinking about taking the entrance exam in medicine, for example, it is necessary to think of a study completely focused on this course and to organize yourself well to know how to study for medicine, since this is one of the most popular courses in the country.

Having your objective clear, it will be easier to think about how much time you will dedicate to each discipline.

But keep in mind that your schedule must contain a calendar with the dates of the simulations you will take, your rest time and your physical activities. It’s important to keep this schedule always in your eyes, so you don’t forget or avoid fulfilling your activities, okay?


I know that it can be difficult to stick to a study routine, but it is important that you dedicate yourself to following it to the letter or you will have to study late material, which is not good, since you will have to sacrifice some weekends and leisure time.

4. Take a few minutes to meditate before starting to study

You may not think so, but meditating for a few minutes before starting to study can help a lot to keep your concentration on what you’re doing.

That’s because meditation is a very efficient way to train your mind to stay calm and peaceful throughout the day.

If you think this is bullshit, believe it or not, large companies that want their employees to do more and more efficiently have already instituted yoga and meditation as a common practice.


5. Be careful with social networks

Another very pertinent tip on where to start studying is: be careful with social media.

Social networks can be villains or allies in studies, it’s up to you to choose which side you will leave for them.

It is important that you monitor yourself at all times. It’s very common to take a look at the insta of the crush, what you can’t do is to stay there and forget to study.

However, currently there are already several ways to study through social networks, there are study rammers, YouTube channels to study and many other alternatives.

What we suggest is that you balance study and leisure. Leave to look at social networks for pure pleasure only in the interval from one study to another.

6. Look for past exams to familiarize yourself with the exam you will be taking

Our sixth tip on where to start studying is: retake the previous exams to familiarize yourself with the exam you will be taking.

Exams, for example, can be found on the many websites. However, if you are thinking about taking other entrance exams, it is nice to search for previous exams on the universities’ website.

This tip is cool because it allows you to ask the questions and then check the answer sheet with the correct answers.

7. Identify your study method to learn more and better

Knowing where to start studying is also related to knowing yourself well and knowing what your study method is.

There are people who learn better by reading, others need to watch video classes. You need to identify the way you learn best to optimize your study time.

If you still don’t know which way of studying makes you learn faster, take tests. The cool thing is that the internet is full of options, you can study through youtube channels, listening to podcasts or reading and downloading free materials on education blogs, for example.

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