You who are preparing for the Exam know that this exam will require a lot of dedication from you.

And it is likely that you are wanting to know all the secret secrets, how to study to do well and thus secure your place in the course and institution you want so much.

Ah right, right? So come with me and check out this post with wonderful tips on how to study for the test and do well at the official exam time!

7 tips on how to study for the test

We brought 7 tips on how to study for a test in a really productive way. Check only!

1. Review the content learned for the first time 24 hours later 

According to experts, reviewing learned content within the first 24 hours gives you the best chance of retaining the content.

In addition, this technique of reviewing content the day after learning it removes what scientists call the forgetting curve, a very common phenomenon in students, especially when the content is from a discipline that we don’t like so much.

The chance of retaining this content reaches 80% if viewed 24 hours after being learned.

So what we can see is that as soon as we learn something we should review it the day after and not just the day of the test, right?

2. Make associations and connections

Another tip on how to study for a really cool test that works is associations. You can associate something new that you have just learned with something that already exists in your life.

You might consider associating content with a movie or situation that seems familiar to you. This will make it easier and faster to assimilate and engrave the content in mind.

A very typical example of how associations really work is that you remember much more easily when the teacher tells a story in the classroom and relates it to the content. Cases are usually relaxed and make it easy for you to remember what you heard.

3. Don’t divide your attention with other tasks while studying 

This is really a golden tip on how to study for the test, so write it down and never forget it, okay?

If you really want to study for the test in a productive way and optimize your time, you should focus on the subjects that you have to see until the test date and not be distracted by other activities.

I mean those activities that really grab your attention, like watching TV or checking out social media while studying. These tasks often dominate all of our attention.

When we’re doing something more physical, like washing dishes, our mind can focus on something we’re listening to, but when the task is to stalk your crush or see if that photo of yours got a lot of likes, then your concentration on studies is already went to the hole.

Try to plan your day, through a study schedule, so that at a certain time you can take 15 minutes to use your cell phone and leave the rest of the day to really dedicate yourself to what matters: studying hard to pass the university and course you want so much!

4. Study different contents within the same discipline

Experts say that the best way to memorize content is to study different content within the same discipline.

You can make connections between different concepts within the same subject, such as mathematics or chemistry, for example, or even mix different ways of learning.

If you are studying Spanish or English (the two foreign language options for Exam, for example) in addition to studying the meaning of terms and expressions, mix reading and listening at a given time.

This tip on how to study is very interesting and should be taken into account by you!

5. Study outdoors

Fifth of our tips on how to study for the test we have: study outdoors.

According to scientists, changing the study environment is already an alternative that makes the study more productive.

But studying outdoors is the best possible choice. So, if you have the possibility to use the balcony of your house or the balcony of your apartment to study for the test, it will be even more productive.

6. Teach someone something

Teaching someone something is our sixth tip on how to study for a test.

According to education experts and scientists, we learn more when we study actively.

This means that when you, instead of passively learning content for yourself, teach it to a colleague, your mother or your brother, you learn much more. When we are going to teach something to someone, we have to prepare ourselves for the doubts that will arise from our explanation, so we study more and with much more attention.

Of course, before teaching something to someone, you should try to master the content and “predict” what the doubts will be, to prepare and have the answer on the tip of your tongue.

If you feel ashamed to teach someone directly, why not rehearse first? You can imagine being in a classroom or posting a video on Instagram and YouTube and filling many heads with content explained by you! Can you imagine going to university and still being a famous study rammer?

7. Meditate before starting your study day

Continuing with our list of how to study for the test, we brought a super cool tip and very easy to apply.

And the tip is: meditate before starting your study day. Just a few minutes of meditation are enough to increase your concentration and, consequently, improve your focus on the subjects and contents that you must learn to pass a good test.

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