Vaseline, which is a mixture of minerals and waxes, is more commonly known as petroleum jelly. It has been widely used for over 140 years as a healing balm and ointment to treat wounds, burns, and chafed skin due to its easily spreadable nature.

Although you may often come across cheap tubs of Vaseline at stores, you may not realize its full potential. Vaseline is, in fact, a versatile and miraculous product that can serve various purposes. It can act as a potent and inexpensive moisturizer that also provides many health benefits.

If you have dry and cracked skin on your feet and heels, Vaseline can be the perfect solution for you.

Before going to bed, apply a generous amount of Vaseline to the bottoms of your feet, and then put on a comfortable pair of fuzzy socks. Leave the socks on overnight, and in the morning, you will wake up with hydrated, nourished, and baby-soft feet.


If you are experiencing difficulty while trying to put a piercing in a hole that has been left empty for some time, apply some Vaseline to the area to help slide the piercing in smoothly.

BONUS jewellery tip: In case a ring gets stuck on your finger, you can also use Vaseline to help slip it off easily.


If you are concerned about chafing during the hot summer months, or after an intense race, Vaseline can be an effective solution.

However, it is crucial to apply only a small amount. Using too much petroleum jelly mixed with sweat can result in a sticky mess that is hard to clean up.

Vaseline has been a popular treatment used by dermatologists for centuries, primarily because it helps to lock moisture into the skin. Its ability to seal water in your skin aids in creating a moist environment that promotes quick healing of wounds. Studies have shown that dry skin takes longer to heal than moisturized skin.

Moreover, Vaseline helps to reduce the redness of new scars and reduces the risk of infection. It is also gentle on the skin and does not cause a burning sensation upon application.

Although it may sound strange at first, consider trying this out:

Apply a small amount of Vaseline to areas such as your wrists, neck, etc., where you typically spray perfume or cologne. The Vaseline acts as an adhesive and helps the fragrance to cling to your skin better than it would normally, resulting in a longer-lasting and more potent aroma.

Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly over a healing cut or burn can help to minimize or prevent scarring altogether.

If you accidentally spill makeup on your favourite shirt, don’t panic. You can use a small amount of Vaseline on a wet washcloth to remove the stain from various fabrics, including clothes, pillows, blankets, towels, and sheets.


If you have a cat or dog, it is essential to have Vaseline on hand during the winter months. Before taking them out for a walk, apply a small amount of Vaseline to their paws to protect them from the cold and salt on the sidewalks.

Moreover, the oily layer can also help to moisturize your pet’s skin if they suffer from atopic dermatitis.

If you’re struggling to open a jar, whether it’s a pickle jar or a nail polish bottle, try applying a small amount of Vaseline around the rim of the jar. This should make it easier to twist and open the jar, allowing the lid to pop off with ease.

Although Vaseline may not have the same scents, reputation, or price point as other well-known cosmetic face creams, it is noncomedogenic, which means that it is specifically formulated not to cause blocked pores. Moreover, Vaseline can hydrate the skin just as effectively, if not better, than other well-known brands, especially in dry weather.


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